Friday, September 23, 2016

Free Pink Daisy Beaded Brick Stitch Earring Pattern

This earring pattern has a thirteen bead, three drop base row and features a close-up of a pink daisy.  The beaded earring is Native American style with a brick stitch top portion and fringed bottom portion.

Click on the picture to make it larger.  Then right click the beaded earring pattern chart to save and print it.

Pink daisy native american beaded earring.
Pink Daisy Beaded Brick Stitch Earring Pattern

Bead Count

(per earring)
Bright Yellow Seed Beads:  117
Pink Seed Beads:  82
Violet Seed Beads:  29
Light Brown Seed Beads:  23
Orange Seed Beads:  15
Green Seed Beads:  24
Yellow Green Seed Beads:  35

Go to the Earrings page to find a complete list of currently available beaded earring pattern charts.

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