15 Fan Art Free Brick Stitch Beading Patterns

All of the available free brick stitch beaded fan art patterns by designer and artist Jen Tennille are listed here.  I do not own the copyrights or licensing for any of the subjects of these patterns and am not affiliated with the companies or celebrities in any way.  I do, however, retain the copyright to these specific patterns that I have designed.  I am a fan of what you see below and felt the need to create artistic patterns that celebrate these entities.  I highly suggest that you do not try to sell any of the pieces you make from these patterns.  You and I both may be infringing on copyright and trademark laws by using these patterns...I don't know...I don't know the depths of the laws.  These patterns have been posted for free, in good faith, that they be enjoyed for what they are--fan art.  Click the pattern or chart title to see the pattern.

Fan Art Beaded Patterns

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