How To Brick Stitch Bead

 Brick stitch beading is really very simple.  The hardest part is finding a good tension in your thread.  Below you will find a collection of webpage links and YouTube videos I have personally selected that can teach you how to brick stitch bead.  Some I made.  If you scroll down you will find the links to other sites, though.

What Is Brick Stitch Beading?  This article by me lightly covers what brick stitch beading is and its history.

Videos By Me
First, I have a YouTube channel with a few how-to videos.  These videos are old and a bit fuzzy, sorry.  One day I might get around to re-taking these videos now that camera technology has improved.

1.) The Ladder Stitch.  The ladder stitch is commonly used to create your base row.  Choose the longest row in your pattern and bead it with the ladder stitch.

2.) The Basic Brick Stitch.  Once you have completed your base ladder stitch row, you can then brick stitch.  Here is how to do basic brick stitch beading.

3.)  The Single Bead Decrease.  The next row you brick stitch will most likely be a decrease.  This video show you how to bead a single bead decrease.

4.) The Single Bead Increase.  Sometimes, you will need to add another bead to the beginning or end of a row.  Here is how to bead a single bead increase.

5.) The Multiple Bead Increase.  Need to increase more than one bead?  It's really simple. Just ladder stitch like you would the base row.  Here is how to bead a multiple bead increase.

6.) The Multiple Bead Decrease.  This one is really easy.  Basically, you just move your thread by weaving back into the other beads.  Here is video that shows how to bead a multiple bead decrease.

7.)  Bridging Gaps.  If you have an open space in your pattern, then you will need to bridge two sides of your beadwork.  This is again, a simple ladder stitch and you just connect both side.  Here is a video that shows how to bridge gaps in brick stitch beading.

Links To Other Sites
These links and videos are from other websites and creators that I have selected.  I feel these do a good job of teaching brick stitch techniques.

How To Make Increases and Decreases in Brick Stitch by Beadaholique

A Beadaholique Live Class: Brick Stitch 101
(This class is about 50 minutes long.)

Beadaholique: How To Do Brick Stitch

"Brick Stitch Bead Weaving Patterns" is a .pdf instructional by Beadaholique that you can download for free on their website:

Artbeads has a good tutorial that has fantastic pictures of brick stitch steps:

How to Make Brick Stitch Diamonds - DIY Jewelry Making Tutorial by PotomacBeads

ThreadABead also has an amazing brick stitch tutorial page (and great patterns too!).  This tutorial starts off with a different base row than ladder stitch.  Here's the link:

Hope these brick stitch beading tutorials have helped.  Happy beading!