Basic Color Bead Palettes

Very often, I have a super awesome brick stitch pattern and want to make it in more than just the colors the pattern came in.  The biggest problem I usually have with this is trying to decide what bead colors to use.  So, rather than destroying my closet looking for the colors in my fave outfits, I long ago decided to make a lot of my beaded jewelry duplicates in seasonal bead color palettes.  I found that seasonal palettes seem to just go well with pretty much any outfit I have for that season.  Since I usually work with pony beads and Perler beads, I had to keep my created palettes simple so I didn't run into the "don't have that color bead" issue.  Fortunately, even these very basic palettes can be great jumping off places when working with Miyuki and Toho beads where there are SOOO many more bead colors available.

Basic bead palette for spring
Basic Spring Bead Color Palette

Basic seasonal bead palette
Basic Summer Bead Color Palette

basic seasonal bead color palette
Basic Autumn Bead Color Palette

Basic seasonal bead palette
Basic Winter Bead Color Palette

Two Color Winter Design Palettes

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