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I am working on loading up my Etsy store with poster prints, brick stitch beading swag, and who knows what else.  New items daily.

Live Stream
Follow my YOUTUBE channel to know when I live stream!  I am live streaming my brick stitch bead tapestry work.  These aren't planned...I just go live when I am beading, which can be any old time.  Haha!  You can chat with me during the live streams, ask questions, get help, or just say hi!  The live stream has no sound, I don't activate my microphone because my dogs bark a lot.
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PDF DOWNLOADS:  Google updated Drive and all of the pdf download links now require you to request access.  Until I can get all of the links updated, go ahead and request the access and I will approve it asap.  Sorry for the inconvenience. :)

FACEBOOK:  You may have noticed the Facebook page has disappeared.  Yes, I deleted it.

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Learn some brick stitch techniques:

Want to learn how to brick stitch bead?  From absolute beginner to super advanced techniques, you can learn it right HERE for free!
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Brick Stitch Bead Patterns Journal
Brick Stitch Bead Patterns Journal's goal is to become the ultimate online resource for brick stitch beading enthusiasts.  Grow with Brick Stitch Bead Patterns Journal as the pages are filled with comprehensive beading patterns and an endless library of blank chart graphs.

Jen Tennille, Artist and Designer
All of the brick stitch bead pattern designs, charts, graphs, and tutorials on this blog are created by artist and designer Jen Tennille, owner of Jen Tennille Illustration and Design Studio.  The Brick Stitch Bead Patterns Journal blog is her hobby pet, giving love to the pages when ever a hand is free...