Friday, July 20, 2018

Rose Heart Seed Bead Earring Charm Bead Pattern

Free Rose Heart brick stitch seed bead weaving earring charm pattern.  Use seed beads to make earring or necklace and jewelry charms.  Use pony beads to make hangers and danglers.  This cute and sweet bead pattern will look good with any country chic, artsy, or casual style.

Click on the picture below to view the bead pattern larger.  Then, right click the pattern to save, download, and print.

Free brick stitch bead weaving earring pattern color chart
Rose Heart Beaded Earring Free Pattern Color Chart

A Note on Bead Pattern Finish Sizes:

Generic bead colors are used so that you may choose any type or size of bead for your project.  The size and brand of bead you use may affect the final look of the pattern.  Miyuki Delicas and Toho beads look the best and have a classy feel.  I prefer the Perler Mini Beads for my beadwork.  They brick stitch really well and have a fun and perky look.

Beading Skill Level:


Free brick stitch seed bead earring pattern labeled color chart
Rose Heart Earring Free Bead Pattern Labeled Color Chart

Pattern Bead Count:

A - Light Green - 54
B - White - 86
C - Red - 99
D - Dark Green -42
E - Pink - 56

*Bead Count is per earring charm.  To make a pair of earrings, double the bead counts.

Free brick stitch seed bead weaving earring pattern letter chart
Rose Heart Beaded Earring Free Pattern Letter Chart

For your base row, start with the row that has the most beads.  Then, brick stitch up the pattern.  Once the top portion is complete, move your thread down to the base row and brick stitch the bottom portion of the pattern.  This pattern can be beaded with brick stitch, peyote, and gourd stitch beading techniques.

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