Monday, September 7, 2015

#9 Free Brick Stitch Pony Bead Cuff Bracelet Pattern

Free beginner brick stitch 9mm pony bead cuff bracelet pattern #9 and word chart:  white, lilac, green, purple, blue, and lime green.  This pattern is inspired by Native American design.  It is a simple beaded cuff that can be worked back and forth or in the round.

Free Brick Stitch Bead Pattern 9 Download
Brick Stitch 9mm Pony Bead Cuff Bracelet #9

This pattern creates an 7.26 inch long cuff bracelet that is 1.65 inches wide using 9 mm standard pony beads and can be repeated to create longer lengths for bands or necklaces.
Skill Level:  Beginner
Click on the pictures to view the pattern larger.  Then, right click the pattern to save, download, or print it.

Bead Count: 

White 9 mm Pony Bead
Count:  40

Lilac 9 mm Pony Bead
Count:  24

Green 9 mm Pony Bead
Count:  20

Purple 9 mm Pony Bead
Count:  24

Blue 9 mm Pony Bead
Count:  12

Lime Green 9 mm Pony Bead
Count:  20

Pony Bead Kandi Cuff Word Chart Pattern 9 Printable
Brick Stitch Cuff Bracelet Pattern #9, Labeled

Free Brick Stitch Bracelet Pattern 9 Word Chart Download
Pony Bead Cuff Pattern #9 Word Chart

Happy Beading!

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